Thermostat Housing – 03L121111AF




Thermostat Housing – 03L121111AF

Fits TRANSPORTER (T5) with 2.0 Diesels

Opening Temp 87deg C

Product Details

In many engines, the thermostat housing serves as the coolant outlet and is located on either the cylinder block or intake manifold. The main purpose of a thermostat housing is to contain the engine thermostat and provide a coolant outlet to the radiator. In some cases, a thermostat housing may begin leaking and require replacement. Another reason for replacement is if pitting develops on the gasket surface, which may be noticed when the housing is removed to service the thermostat. As coolant breaks down over time it can become acidic and eat away at things like gaskets and hoses, though it may also attack metal, such as the internal components of the water pump or the mounting surface of a thermostat housing. When this happens, the housing typically has to be replaced.

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